What Makes ‘Dancing On the Clouds’ Unique For the First Dance of Your Wedding?

The very first dance is a truly special moment that is also highly anticipated by your guests. ‘Dancing On the Clouds’ creates a heart stirring moment as a thick, scentless, fog drapes the dance floor. Using only water and dry ice, our cloud effect will receive the ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ it deserves.

Make your special wedding day unique with this professional dry ice device which produces a brief but spectacular cloud of thick white fog. This will in no way cause the dance floor to be slippery as the gas that is being produced is simply the same that you would find in soda, which evaporates rather instantly. Our machine produces enough fog to last for about the length of one entire dance (depending on the strength of the output). This means it is perfect to create the photo opportunity for your photographer.

Guests are always amazed when they pull out their phone to capture a unique moment like Dancing on the Clouds. You would be surprised how many snapshots your family and friends will take when the realize you seem to be swaying with your newly wed, and appear to be floating above the stratosphere.

As the wedding DJ, we will always inform the photographer that we are planning on using the effect later in the evening and explain to them how it works. This way they are able to prepare and know ahead of time some great angles to take any artistic photos before getting caught of guard. We don’t want them to miss this photo opportunity as the end result always ends pretty heavenly!

In addition to the great cloud effect, some extra colors via our up lighting and dance floor lighting can aid in taking the dance to the next level. With clever usage of colored up lighting, we can alter the color of the cloud to match any color you’d like. It’s a great way to make your first dance together stand out from the rest!

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